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Last Updated: Sunday May 31, 2020 | 6:45 AM

Let us join together as a church to worship and seek the Lord in prayer, both personally and corporately. 

"...for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations." (Isaiah 56:7

This Prayer Summit will be a live zoom event on Sunday May 31st at 3 PM - 4 PM. We are asking for everyone to login at 2:45 PM that day so we can prepare for a 3 PM start time.

Join the Prayer Summit Zoom Meeting

Here is some information that will be helpful to you when joining the Prayer Summit.

  • Please sign in using the letter E, C, or M before your name to indicate your language preference as we will be separating into smaller prayer groups during the the Prayer Summit.

    E = English, C = Cantonese, and M = Mandarin

    Then enter a dash “–“ followed by your first and last name as known to the pastors at FLC so that they will recognize and admit you to the Prayer Summit.
    For example:
    E-your first and last name, C-your first and last name, or M-your first and last name. 
    E-John Smith 

  • Regardless of how you join the Prayer Summit, you will enter into a waiting room where you will then be admitted into the meeting. Please join with video on so that we can all see you.

  • When you enter the meeting, you will automatically be muted so that everyone can hear the speaker clearly. Please keep yourself muted during the summit unless instructed otherwise. There is a microphone icon/picture at the bottom left corner of your screen; if there is a line going through the microphone, it means you are muted. There will be opportunities during prayer times to unmute; P. Abe will instruct on those times. To unmute yourself and mute again, click on the microphone icon. 

Join Zoom Meeting: 

Meeting ID: 840 2635 4969

If you have never used Zoom before, please check out the following instructions: 
How to Join the Prayer Summit Zoom Meeting