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Expressing the Love of God to Others

We can express the love of God in concrete and tangible ways. This year we are inviting small groups, families, and individuals to make Christmas Hampers in support of two ministry areas. They are "Vancouver Urban Ministries (VUM)" and "Help for Lytton & Merritt". You can choose to support one or both. There are instructions on what to purchase and how to put it together below. Please join us in supporting these ministries and the families they serve.

Vancouver Urban Ministries

VUM is a ministry that helps break the cycle of poverty that exists in our city. They provide a number of strategic services, like 1-1 tutoring and musical education, so children can have a good start to their education. Website:

Christmas Hampers for Vancouver Urban Ministries
If you would like to give a hamper to VUM, please contact Esther:  
VUM Christmas Hamper Info (Updated 2021-11-05)

Help for Lytton & Merritt

We are preparing Christmas Hampers for families who remain in the Lytton area and families in Merritt affected by the flood. Each hamper is a tangible way to express God’s love and our care for the Lytton & Merritt communities. We want to bring the families something special for their holiday celebration. There are two ways you can participate in the preparation of hampers:

  1. Pick up a Hamper Box from FLC and fill it up with the suggested gift items
  2. Sponsor a Hamper Box by donation and we will fill it for you

Christmas Hampers for Lytton & Merritt
If you would like to fill a hamper or sponsor one, please click below for details.
Please note the latest updated info on Nov. 22th.
Lytton & Merritt Christmas Hamper Info (Updated 2021-11-22)

Drop Off

The deadline to drop off the Christmas Hampers at Fraser Lands Church is Sunday December 5th. Please note the drop off times below:

Tuesday - Friday 9:30am-4:30pm
Sunday 10am-1pm

Fraser Lands Church 3330 SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5S 4R8

Please be aware of the construction signs when dropping off at church.