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For They Shall See God

The Christmas story holds a special place in the hearts of many Christians. What a tender surprised filled journey full of personalities and promise. What is striking to think about is that God didn't have to unfold the story of salvation in this way. He didn't have to use and include an unbelieving priest, a teenage virgin, a group of low class outcasts (shepherds) and an old washed up man & woman (Simeon & Anna). So why did he? Join us as we explore this familiar story in fresh new ways.  

Nov. 26: Zechariah the mute (Luke 1:5-25, 57-79)  
Could it be that Zechariah & Elizabeth's barrenness and his punishment of being mute for almost a year gave them special insight into God's unfolding plan of salvation?  

Dec. 10: Mary the Virgin (Luke 1:26-56)  
How was an unmarried young girl able to have such special understanding as to the significance of her scandalous little baby boy?  

Dec. 17: Shepherds in fields (Luke 2:1-20)  
Why would God ask shepherds to be the first to bear witness to the birth of the Holy One of Israel?  

Dec. 24: Simeon & Anna the old (Luke 2:21-40)  
Why would God grant two washed up old seniors the privilege of dedicating the Saviour of the world?

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