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Parents Appreciation High Tea

How to show your appreciation to your mother and father at the same time? Come and treat your parents with a special High Tea held at our church's new Banquet Room and spend a memorable afternoon with your beloved ones with delicious food, music, sharing and fun activities. Ticket: $10 per person. Every accompanying parent will receive a handmade gift worth more than $10. To purchase ticket/inquire, please contact 778.928.9222  

Date: Saturday May 28, 2022  
Time: 2-4pm   
Location: Fraser Lands Church - Banquet Room  

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High Tea - Menu      


  • Chicken Salad on green (Endive leave)  
  • Mixed vegetables spring roll  
  • Prosciutto honeydew skewer  
  • Roast beef sandwich  
  • Sausage roll  
  • Spinach egg white frittata  
  • Smoked salmon on baguette  
  • Stuffed eggs  
  • Truffle siu mai      


  • Assorted fruit tarts  
  • Chocolate dipped strawberry  
  • Coconut milk red bean pudding  
  • Cranberry scone  
  • Macarons  
  • Mini cheesecake      

(Menu items are subject to seasonal availability)