Pre-Marriage Ministry

The Pre-Marriage Ministry supports dating or engaged couples interested in deepening their relationship with one another while exploring marriage. The goal of the Pre-Marriage Ministry is to facilitate couples as they discover how their unique experiences, personalities and beliefs shape their relationship. And, as Christ loved the church and taught us God's design for marriage, we hope to inspire couples to follow His lead.

Premarital Counselling

Premarital counseling is a service we provide to all church members who are contemplating marriage. We encourage those who are in a serious dating relationship to make use of this service before committing to engagement. The couple preparing for marriage will be invited to have premarital counseling with a trained premarital counseling couple. There will be approximately six sessions in which the couple will have an opportunity to honestly examine their relationship in the light of Biblical values for marriage. The couple will learn Biblical teaching about marriage and understand better each other's family background, perceptions and values. Topics that will be explored include communication, conflict resolution, family relationships, time and money management, sexuality, and spiritual relationship.  

The purpose of premarital counseling is not to apply a test as to the suitability of the couple for marriage. Rather, it is an opportunity for the premarital couple to consider the liabilities and assets of their future marriage and to make logical, reasoned, and responsible decisions. Therefore, there is no pass or fail in the process. But through the process and in the support and presence of a caring married couple, the premarital couple will be able to discern their marriageability.  

To obtain the most benefit from this service, please contact one of our pastors at least nine months before the wedding date. The benefit would be greatly enhanced if this process is initiated before engagement plans are made. The pastors will match each couple to a premarital counseling couple in the counseling team.

Serving in Pre-Marriage Ministry

If you are interested in serving in our Pre-Marriage Ministry, contact