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Hello Fraser Lands Artists, 

Every year our church hosts an Advent art exhibit based on a particular theme. Many of you who have submitted art in years past have already been invited to do so again. In addition, if you have not participated before but would like to this year,  please fill out the inquiry form by Sunday October 31st. You will be sent a follow-up confirmation email as soon as more details become finalized. We are very excited to see how God will stir you all in your artforms for our community this Christmas!

The theme this year will be based on our Advent message series and our An Evening in December (AEID) Christmas Eve theme:

"God Moved Into the Neighbourhood" 
Christmas is a time when we remember that the all powerful transcendent creator God demonstrated His love for us by becoming one of us. Jesus moved into our neighbourhood so that we might experience God's love and hear His good news in an even more intimate and personal way. Let's take this Advent season to consider again the wonder and power of the incarnation.