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Expressing the Love of God through Christmas Hampers

This Christmas, Fraser Lands Church is supporting two local ministries with Christmas Hampers. They are Vancouver Urban Ministries (VUM) and the Crisis Pregnancy Centre (CPC). We feel that these ministries are both wonderful expressions of the love of God that we can support in concrete and tangible ways.  

VUM is a ministry that helps break the cycle of poverty that exists in our city. They provide a number of strategic services, like 1-1 tutoring and musical education, so children can have a good start to their education. Website:

CPC has a number of ministries, their key service is to women with unplanned pregnancies. They provide peer counselling for women in this time of acute distress. They also provide ongoing support through clothes, education, diapers and more. There are a number of other ministries like post-abortion grief counselling and a safe house for women fleeing abuse. Website:

How to Get Involved

How can you support one of these ministries? ...through Christmas Hampers!! You can get a box and fill it with things that would bless a family. We are going to support these families on a 1-1 basis. Because of COVID we can't all gather to make some hampers. Instead, small groups, families and individuals can make one hamper for one family.

Making a hamper is easy. There are instructions on what to purchase and how to put it together below. Both recommend you give a gift card with groceries, a gift for the children as well as a few other items. Please join us in supporting these ministries and the families they serve.

Christmas Hampers for Vancouver Urban Ministries
If you would like to give a hamper to VUM, please contact Esther:  
VUM Christmas Hamper Info (Updated 2020-11-13)

Christmas Hampers for Crisis Pregnancy Centre
If you would like to give a hamper to CPC, please contact Ben and Kelsey at and
CPC Steps for Making a Hamper

Drop Off

You can drop off the Christmas Hampers at Fraser Lands Church during the week of November 30 - December 4th from Monday to Friday between 9:30am-4:30pm.