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Expressing the Love of God to Others

We can express the love of God in concrete and tangible ways. This year we are inviting small groups, families, and individuals to sponsor Christmas Hampers in support of two ministry areas. They are "Vancouver Urban Ministries (VUM)" and "Help for Lytton". You can choose to support one or both. Please join us in supporting these ministries and the families they serve.

Vancouver Urban Ministries

VUM is a ministry that helps break the cycle of poverty that exists in our city. They provide a number of strategic services, like 1-1 tutoring and musical education, so children can have a good start to their education. Website:

Christmas Hampers for Vancouver Urban Ministries 
We are grateful for your generosity in supporting the VUM Christmas Hamper Appeal. Christmas 2022 will continue to present a significant challenge for low-income families due to rising costs and continuing concerns over COVID. This year, your love, generosity, and kindness are just as important as in previous years to ensure that families will have a joyful Christmas. We are inviting you to bless as many families as you can with hampers this year.

If you would like to give a hamper to VUM, please sign up here.
Deadline to sign up is Sunday November 13, 2022.

VUM Christmas Hamper Instructions (Updated 2022-10-23)

The deadline to drop off the "Christmas Hampers for VUM" at Fraser Lands Church is Sunday December 4th. Please note the drop off times: Tuesdays - Fridays 9:30am-4:30pm | Sundays 10am-1pm.

For more info or questions, please contact Esther:

Help for Lytton

This year our goal is to prepare 200 hampers to students and their families in the two Lytton schools (Kumsheen ShchEma-meet School and Stein Valley Nlakapamux School).

Each hamper is a tangible way to express God’s love and our care for the Lytton families. We want to bring the families something special for their holiday celebration. Please prayerfully consider getting involved.

There are two ways you can participate in our Lytton Christmas Hampers: (You can do one or both.)

  1. Sponsor one or more Christmas Hampers by donation and we will fill it for you. Each box is $100.00 but any amount of donation is acceptable. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation – just make your donation through the "Ways to Give" to Fraser Lands Church and identify “Benevolent - Hampers” in your offering (Please take note that if you are using the online donations via credit card option, please choose the designation fund option "Benevolent - Hampers", not the default "General Fund").
  2. Help decorate the Christmas Hampers. Decoration sessions will be in November. Please check here for more details.

The deadline to sponsor a Christmas Hamper for Lytton is Wednesday November 30, 2022.