Becky Lim
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FLC Children's Ministry

Dear Parents and FLC Kids Volunteers,

Please note all children’s programs this weekend (March 14 & 15) are cancelled. All announcements and updates for Sunday services and Children's Ministries will be posted on our church website.

Our facilities staff continues to clean and disinfect the church daily, paying special attention to objects and surfaces in high traffic areas and the Children’s Ministry areas. The toys in the Nursery have been fully sanitized. We have selected several toys for the Nursery babies/toddlers, but have removed the ones that are harder to clean effectively.

We want to take precaution and do our part in this season, so please help your children to follow these guidelines:

1. Wash your hands often and thoroughly. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

  • We have provided sanitizing hand rub dispensers for downstairs so that Kidz Church children can use the hand sanitizers before/after class. It is certainly best if you can wash your hands with soap and water.

  • There are hand sanitizers in each of the Preschool classrooms.

  • We encourage all kids and volunteers to wash their hands upon arrival to their classrooms. By keeping our hands clean, we can reduce the risk of infections and the spread of germs.

2. If you are feeling sick, whether your illness is minor (such as a cough or cold) or more severe, please stay home.

  • Your child's health is more important, so those who are feeling under the weather should remain at home to rest.

  • If you are feeling concerned or worried as a parent, please do not feel obligated for your child to come as it is okay for you to stay home.

3. If you have come back from traveling, please quarantine yourselves for the appropriate length of time (14 days) in consideration of others.

Let’s take steps to protect ourselves and those more vulnerable in our community by following good hand hygiene, and not be gripped by fear but rather lean on God’s strength, power and peace in all of this. Let us trust in God while we do our part to represent Jesus!

Pastor Becky