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Practicing the Way

The Early Christians didn't call themselves 'Christians.' Instead, they called themselves followers of 'The Way'. What they meant was that they were people who were disciples of the Rabbi, Jesus Christ, seeking to follow the path He walked.

Today, one pressing question that faces the church is this, 'What does it look like to follow Jesus?' One of the ways we can answer this question is to talk about the practices of the way; we imitate Jesus, seeking to become like Him, through imitating His life and practices. The practices are a set spiritual disciplines or habits that Jesus taught us. We are invited to practice these disciplines, to try them out in our lives, so that we can grow into people of love. In this message series, Practicing the Way, we will look at four of the practices: Sabbath, Scripture, Fasting, and Prayer.

Join us on Sundays either in-person or online at our 11am Service. To view the previous messages in this series, please go to our sermons page.