Being a parent of a teenager is a difficult time of transition...for both the parent and the teen! Teens experience transitions in school, in the home, in their own bodies. Parents experience transitions in how they relate with their adolescent children; how their teenager communicates, what their teen values, how their teenager makes decisions, and so on. Parents essentially witness their child growing into an adult.  

We at Fraser Lands Youth Ministry are dedicated to supporting the growth and maturity of teens, to model relevant Christian faith in all aspects of life, and to discover and develop potential leaders and servants.

We offer several youth programs throughout the year for all students from Grades 7 to 12. These programs include:

Weekly Activities:

  • Teens Worship Service
  • Friday Knights/ACTS Youth Group

Summer Events:

  • Teens Camp


If you have any questions regarding our Youth Ministries, please contact Pastor Nathan Sun.

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